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06 oktober 2005

lachen gedurende bijna een volle minuut

Wat kun je doen als de gekte je leven - en niet alleen je leven - binnendringt? Een goed antwoord hierop, samen met een opwekkend staaltje Amerika, staat in een interview van Salman Rushdie met Terry Gilliam uit The Believer.

Rushdie: 'We’re standing in line, and in front of me there’s this kind of classic, American redneck guy with a very red neck about this wide. [Holds out hands almost a foot apart.] He turned around to me, and with a complete change of heart, he said, “Buddy, I sure feel sorry for you.” And he was right. I mean, I got taken to pieces. I got strip searched, I got everything. And I arrived in America, you know, for the first time, trembling. There was this tiny lady standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, and she saw that I was trembling. She said, “What’s the matter, dear?” and it kind of all poured out. And — this was the other side of America — she did this amazing thing, she apologized on behalf of the United States. She put her hands in the elocution position. [Holds out hands in front of chest, fingers interlocking, pinkie to thumb.] She looked like Grandma Clampett, this tiny old lady. And she made a formal apology on behalf of the American people. And it fixed it, you know. Then it was all right. Then I could go and enjoy America.'

Gilliam: 'Well you’re right. That’s the great thing about America: American people.'

Rushdie: 'Yeah, they’ll do that. First they’ll search your rectum, and then they’ll apologize for it.'

[Both laugh for almost a full minute.]

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